Convert Photos With Minute Optimization In A Click

Ever felt the need of converting hundred of photos from one format to another format ( to BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX etc.)? Need to upload or use photos on webpage, but photo files are consuming most of the precious web space because of the bulky size of the files? Would not be better if you can minimize the size, and at the same time, give a perfect color combinations by replacing high density colors component with existing matching colors, thereby reducing the the diversity of the excess color components as low as possible to ultimately result in the smallest size possible without compromising considerable quality. The little secret of OptimizeNBatch is that it can apply the same optimized setting applied to the current image to thousands of photos without explicitly processing one at a time. The procedure is simple. You choose your image files from your disk, then set every minute setting on the format chosen and even see the resultant effect right in front you. With the current output settings, you can save the current optimized image to disk or save (batch) all photos in the photo basket.

You can save GIF images in one of the color depth: 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 colors. The way each color components are embedded to make up the original image can be adjusted or tweaked using the various color maps available, namely, MS Map, Optimal, Fixed Color, iNet, MS 256, Fixed Gray. Choose one of these map to quantify the color distribution. Apply about 10 dithering effects (Binary, Ordered, Halftone, Forward Diagonal, Backward Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical, Odd, even, equal) to adjust the way each color component (pixel) blends to bring upon the closest impression of the original image. You can even choose the color mode (color or greyscale). You can flip vertically and horizontally as well as invert the optimized image. You can also output files in Interlaced version of GIF which is useful for displaying very large images quickly. The advantage is that large images take considerable time to load on browsers and to overcome this situation, initially a very low quality image is displayed, and bits are slowly added as the entire image is received. For JPEG, you can select the defined quality range or you can customized the quality range between 1-100. For PCX, TIF and TGA format, you can select between compressed and uncompressed version.

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OptimizeNBatch runs on every version of windows starting windows 95, though it is optimized to work better on windows 2000 and windows XP.

Explore the main features in OptimizeNBatch

Supports more than 55 popular Image Formats for Reading

Support the following Image Formats for outputting all images.

Save interlaced GIF files

Use predefined dithering, color maps and compression method for greater optimization.

Basic graphic functions.

Simple and user friendly interface (Windows explorer look and feel) with drag & drop functionalities.

Save photo files from the Basket.

Double pane view of original and optimized image.

Test on a sample photo with immediate effect.

What’s New?

Expect a major version release of OptimizeNBatch PRO. The beta version will soon be out for download and testing.