Oriens Enhancer

Give Your Photos An Appealing Look & Touch

Oriens Enhancer is a robust and very fast image enhancement and adjustment platform supporting more than 55+ image formats, 140+ filters and artistic effects with a lot of retouching & designing. You can even define your own customized filter, palettes and save it to apply to your photos. You can adjust size, canvas, rotate, flip, crop, resample, anti-alias, morphing, transparency etc and can operate multiple image documents. Save images with minimized color tables and picture data for smaller file sizes and faster downloading. Interactively preview the effects of different color tables or bit depths in double panels containing both the original and the optimized image. Possibilities are countless and up to your imagination! A must have tool for every enthusiastic computer users in general and owners of digital cameras.

Oriens Enhancer runs on every version of windows starting windows 95, though it is optimized to work better on windows 2000 and windows XP.
Explore the special features in Oriens Enhancer
More than 80+ Filters & Effects
Staggering Number of file formats support
Have Total Control over the output of the image
Painting & Drawing Tools
Gradation Effects
Apply Palettes
Apply Textures
Thumbnails Browser
Unlimited Undo & Redo with Complete Interactivity
User Friendly and intuitive design
Adjust Photo
Capture Desktop & Windows
Set Photo as Wallpaper
Image Preview in Open Dialog Box
Multiple Image Documents
Panoramic View
Clipboard Area

‘Oriens Enhancer’ version 3 (currently available at oriens-solution.com for a 30 days trial) is the latest release. ‘Oriens Enhancer GOLD’ Edition is version 2.6 and is freeware, but is no longer available or supported. The Gold edition is an experimental version developed to club every possible tools (image editor, batch processing and converts, extraction, generating image exe, slides, screensavers etc.) into one software interface. This kind of software suite will be available in the coming future under a different brand title (not Oriens Enhancer, for sure). ‘Oriens Enhancer’ is rechristened what it was originally intended i.e., to be an image editor with varied filters, effects tools etc., for enhancing digital photography.