Oriens Studio

Unified Design Environment For All Your Imaging Needs.

Platform consisting of all possible tools and utilities for photo viewing, editing, enhancing, converting, sharing, distribution, publishing and organizing, all under one user friendly interface.Working with an editing tool, especially when it involves large number of photos, can be a cumbersome task due to the lack of essential productivity tools like batch processor, batch converter, filters and special effects, publisher, organizer etc. Even if one do have all these diverse applications, frequent switching and transferring among these applications lengthen the hideous task of working with many photos. Even more, lack of integration and interactivity among them only worsen nightmares for users, This is where a software suite come into rescue, such as, Oriens Studio, which was the main theme of driving all these points. Oriens Studio integrates most of the features in one way or other, if not fully, from my other imaging software applications (20 titles, to be precise). It is not merely a software suite, in that, all components and sub-parts interact with each other, to minimize processes, but at the same time, automate the flow of the program execution, thereby simplifying tasks enabling you to work more efficiently.  Expected to be available for its first beta testing in the coming months.